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KKC Technologies, Inc., specializes in providing technical support to dental practices large and small. From diagnosing and repairing problems on a PC in a small practice to helping dentists build large practices that offer a wide range of high-tech services to patients, KKC Technologies is there with support and expertise.

KKC Technologies History
KKC Technologies began in founder Kevin Sullivan’s home office, the culmination of his years of service for high tech companies and an interest in helping a group of dentists in his community. Since launching KKC Technologies in 2004, the KKC team has fostered the company through steady growth, building their client base and level of expertise year by year.

More than 250 clients have utilized KKC Technologies’ service. Over the years, the staff at KKC Technologies have acquired advanced expertise in the dental niche, delivering highly specialized and personalized service to the dental practices they serve.

The future of KKC Technologies
KKC Technologies is staffed with enough experts to handle the immediate needs of dental practices experiencing problems, and continues as the area’s leader in identifying new ways to help dental practices grow. Poised for long-term growth, KKC Technologies is your partner for dental office technology needs.


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