“KKC has been absolutely wonderful! Kevin is not only nice, but efficient. We have 13 computers at our office and now they all work properly. He also was able to get our wireless connections working around our office, which our “old” computer company had tried several times to do. We have a very large, renovated medical building and it was super challenging – for everyone but KKC! I didn’t realize how important this was until it was working. We have CASEY that we show to patients on our ipads and now they can pull up informative videos right away. Our staff hadn’t wanted to use them in the past because the videos would cut-out or would not come up on the screen. I really believe it has increased our case acceptance. Also, I can now remote-in from home (which also had been unsuccessful in the past). I have saved myself a lot of time! So, KKC has really saved me time and money. Everyone at the office is nice and helpful. Additionally, they answer the phones right away. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you, Kevin!”

– Dr. Jennifer Byrd

Family Dentistry of Lowell

“Recently we had KKC revamp our entire dental office computer system. We had great equipment prior but it was all under performing. We have a large office of over 20 computers but they were able to re-tool each computer and have been very prompt with any smaller items as well. The way they remote in saves time and money. I will continue to use their services and would recommend them to others.”

– Dr. Sean Zielinski

Zielinski Dental

“Kevin and his crew did just the most awesome job installing a new server and hardware. Reconfiguring our network and just plain cleaning things up. They have been so responsive to the few issues we had after all of their hard work. We tried 2 other organizations before this but they didn’t know the software at all and it was a nightmare. I can’t recommend them enough! We will use then for all our hardware and software needs!”

– Bard Bytwerk

Havens Orthodontics

“I was bailed out by KKC this morning after a big software issue with my dental management software. VERY appreciative of Kevin’s call back Saturday and of Mike’s capable support today!”

– Dr. Michael O’Calloghan

Allegan Family Dentistry


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